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Online Vs Personal Training

The journey of fitness is not an easy one. You need to be optimistic and persistent.

Who doesn’t want to stay fit? Whether you want to cut your weight, gain extra kilos, or maintain, you need to work hard for that. Nothing in this world comes easy!

Well, there are two ways to stay fit i.e., to hire a personal trainer or to enroll for an online training program. Here is an overview, let’s look at the benefits and pitfalls of both of them.

Online training

In this modern hectic lifestyle, it has become extremely difficult to get in shape by following the traditional way of training in the gym. Digitalization hasn’t even left the world of fitness untouched. This is where the online training entered. With the increase in the usage of cell phones and mobile apps, more and more people are opting for online training programs.

With no fixed hours and no geographical limits, online training is rapidly growing and becoming the future of many trainers.

Praiseworthy aspects of online programs -

  • You can easily access the relevance of the training program or authenticity of the trainer by the reviews on the site.

  • No time constraints. You can train anytime as the trainers provide pre-recorded instructions.

  • No issue of location is there. You can access it from anywhere you want.

  • You can save the cost of personal trainer fees.

  • You can easily refer back as the sessions are pre-recorded.

Shortcomings of online programs -

  • No interpersonal connection with the trainer.

  • You cannot get feedback regarding your workout sessions.

  • The motivational component is missing in the online training sessions.

  • Not fit for people who need face to face interaction.

Personal training

Personal training is something that almost everyone is aware of. A personal trainer is a person who is certified to know about general fitness involved in exercise prescription and instruction. He leads, instructs and motivates a person for various exercises, like cardio, strength training, and stretching.

It is a face-to-face training that helps in building a genuine connection. It also has an added benefit of in-depth analysis, and your trainer can easily monitor your progress in real-time.

It is believed that personal training helps in yielding better results and empowering people with skills to make some meaningful changes.

Praiseworthy aspects of personal training -

  • It gives access to real-time.

  • It helps in getting the expert’s guidance on equipment use.

  • Since you are physically present there, your form and technique correction can be done easily by the trainer.

  • You can get a hands-on assessment.

  • You can easily identify the authenticity and validity of trainers through their characteristics.

  • There is a personal touch involved, that helps in building a genuine relationship.

  • You can create a customized program according to your needs.

  • You can freely discuss your physiological needs and also about your area of weakness.

  • You have access to high-tech equipment without having to invest a lot.

Shortcomings of personal training -

  • You may face difficulty in synchronizing the time with your trainer.

  • There may be location issues, as you need to be physically present for the training.

  • Personal training is a bit costly.

Factors to consider before choosing online or personal training

  • Location

In case of personal training, you need to coordinate the schedule with someone who trains you in the gym. But in the case of online training, the training is not done in person. So you don't have to rush to and from work to the gym. You can workout anywhere you feel like, according to your convenience.

  • Affordability

Personal training can be a bit expensive. In that case, you can opt for online training courses. Compare the prices of both, and then you can go for the affordable one.

  • Communication

Well, your gym trainer isn’t available to you 24*7. You cannot message them whenever you feel like. But in online training courses, it is not like that. Here you can communicate with your trainer whenever you feel like. The lines of communication are always open so, you can text, call, video call according to your schedule.

  • Personal touch

In case of face to face training, there is interpersonal communication or a sort of personal touch involved, which helps in building a genuine relationship with the trainer. But this is not the same in case of online training. Here no personal touch is involved as the training is done online.

  • Motivation

In case of online training, you need to be self-motivated to do the workout. Just in case you have a good trainer, he will message you regarding the workout. But in case of personal or face to face training, the trainer will be there to motivate and guide you in each step. Also, you will be motivated by seeing the other people in the gym.

These are some of the factors that you can consider before choosing either an online or offline course.

What is best for you?

Well, both personal training, as well as online training, has their pros and cons. So to get better results you can combine both of them.

A trainer in the gym can motivate and guide you regarding the workout session. Also, being physically present in the gym gives you access to all the equipment.

But there are days when due to some time or location constraints you are not able to go to the gym. During that time, the online training programs can help you to stay on track.

So set your fitness plan today and discover the best in you!

Tip - Research shows that intake of 200-400 mg of caffeine, 1-2 hours before the workout session helps in increasing the endurance power and blunts the muscle pain.

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